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Brief History of RSS 


Regional Shipping Services Pte. Ltd., was set up with the  objective to 

provide shipping services to the shipping community in Singapore and 

the Asian region.

We started with our main activity as a  second hand  container leasing 

company, hiring containers to shipping lines who needed short or long

term leases at  lower rates. We  bridged  the gap between  the  higher 

rates  and   much   more   complex  leasing  terms  of  the  big  leasing 

companies and had our niche in leasing our fleet of containers to 

shipping lines serving the regional routes.   

Our master  mariners were also then actively involved in container ship 

planning  in  the  capacity  of  local   as  well  as  central  (regional) ship

 planners for some shipping companies.

Another of our initial main  activities was  cargo survey, specializing  in 

bagged cargoes  and  laboratory  testing of  coffee, cocoa  beans  and 

illipenuts, loading and discharging of big bulky and long length cargoes.

With the changing trends, besides the above, we had entered into other

marine activities like commandering vessels  to/from regional countries for deliveries and re-deliveries  where we also supply the entire crew of all ranks up to ship masters.


Together   with  our  tie-up   with  our   Malaysian  counterparts, we   now provide road transport to/from Peninsula  Malaysia  on  a  regular  basis. 


Complementing  this, we  plan, organize and co-ordinate tug  and barge shipments  of  oil   well  equipment   from  Singapore  to   the  oil  rigs  in Malaysia for the oil majors.

Today, we also provide complete agency and ship  husbandry  services for vessels which call at  Singapore  for  short  bunker  stays  and  which need to sail quickly to their next destinations.

Due  to  our  small  organizational  set-up, we   are  able   to  provide our services not only at   competitive  fees, but  also  with   prompt  response and personalized support. We  physically  attend  to   all  operations and give our clients regular feedback.





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